Continuing the Wonder Workshop Legacy

     Richard loved our community and the people in it.  In return, our community embraced Richard. We all shared the joy he brought into your lives and the sorrow of his passing. When we brought him inside after the Jubilee walk, choked by tears, he whispered, “I am very blessed”. He loved and was loved.

     His passing left our family without a father, husband, musician, drummer, historian, adventurer, Underground Railroad historian, sports fan, nature nut, and cook!  Wonder Workshop was without a leader.  Our hearts were heavy, and the tears seemed to sweep us away on an emotional journey in search of a future without Richard.

     Then came the children, and the children’s children.  They appeared through email Facebook, letters, cards, and in person.  They shared their memories of Wonder Workshop and how the experiences helped shape their outlook, and ultimately their adulthood.  Then a small group of Wonder Workshop teens began to wish, dream and do.  Just as Richard would want them to.

     With a tiny seed planted by Richard, rooted in community and history, they focused on our community and began with the Mexican culture.  One teen thought Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, summed up our current and shared emotional state.  Frida painted her emotions. She painted her pain, joy, love, and sorrow while remaining brave, courageous, true to herself and others.  In all her self-portraits she displays the same expression, that of a strong woman.  

     Adults, friends, friends of friends, and teens joined together to launch the next chapter of Wonder Workshop.  We dreamed together, we collaborated together, we left some problems “unsolved”.  We were all a team in spirit, whether we zoomed or showed up in person.  

     Wonder Workshop Children’s Museum was built by developing relationships with children and their families and tackling issues of importance.  The dream was that it would be a place passed on from one generation to the next.  Now, we are truly passing the dream from Richard onto the next generation! 

     We are excited about our new exhibit and theme…Finding Frida Kahlo. The exhibit was built by our community, inspired by the dreams of children, and embodies the spirit of Richard’s legacy. In keeping with Wonder Workshop tradition, the exhibit will combine art, culture, history, and participatory activities for kids of all ages.  

     Watch for our upcoming announcement on the grand re-opening, November 1, Día de Muertos, a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico. We cannot wait to see smiling faces and the chatter of children again.  We want to see all of you! Welcome home!

Cindy Pitts, 

Interim Director


Reserve your spot!  On November 1st FINDING FRIDA KAHLO,  will open to the public by reservation only.  After your visit you can stop by the Frida Food Truck and treat yourself to authentic food from Mexico.  Sign up as a  family pod (a pod is your family and friends you see on a regular basis. A flat fee of $10 per pod of 10 people or less will be charged.


Be prepared to wear a mask, have non- contact temperature taken  and know we thoroughly clean according to CDC guidelines after each pod visit.




Admission Price:

Family Pod Up To 10 People


Open to the Public: 

Registration Only

Groups visits:

Call 776-1234

506 S. 4th St. Manhattan, KS 66502

 (785) 776-1234 

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