Underground Railroad Tours

The year is  1858. The Fugitive Slave Law was passed just eight years ago; bad news for you and your small group who just managed a narrow escape from slavery’s doorsteps in Missouri. Alas, you thought your adventure was over now that you are in Kansas. You now are going to carefully navigate your way through Kansas to get your passengers to Canada on the Underground Railroad.

Richard Pitts, executive director of the Wonder Workshop, proudly presents a journey back in time to Underground Railroad sites in Riley and Wabaunsee Counties. This tour will travel to various sites within fifteen miles of Manhattan, Kansas.

At each site, (there will be seven stops made on this tour) participants will be presented with information regarding its historical significance. You should plan to spend at least 3 hours to complete the entire route. 

Travelers will learn about the famous Beecher Bible and Rifle Church, Captain Mitchell, Strong Farm, Reverend Blood, and others who helped to make Kansas a free state! Your group will take part in interactive activities along the way.

This adventure will place you in the shoes of enslaved Africans, Slave Owners, and Abolitionists as you learn about the true meaning of strength, courage, and endurance experienced by those early Human Rights activists whose broad shoulders we all stand on!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

You can register online or by emailing or calling us. Registration is required. Your spot(s) will not be confirmed, though, until payment is received. 

Can my child attend the tour?

Yes. We will be touring for 3 hours and making frequent stops so please use your best judgement for your child's abilities and maturity.

What are the tour stops and do I have to drive myself?

This tour will travel to various sites within fifteen miles of Manhattan, Kansas at places such as the Beecher Bible and Rifle Church and Mount Mitchell. We will provide transportation for a limited number of participants in one of our vans. Please let us know if you prefer to drive yourself or ride in our van.

Where does the tour start and end?

The tour will start and end at our museum at 506 S. 4th Street, Manhattan, KS.

How long is the tour?

Please plan for at least 3 hours (includes our drive leaving and returning to the museum).

Is this a rain or shine event?

Yes, this is a rain or shine event. If we have to cancel, we will completely refund your registration fee. 

What should I wear?

You will be outside during this program. Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable outdoor shoes.

Are scholarships available?

No, scholarships are not available for Underground Railroad tours.

Can I schedule a group tour?

Yes, we welcome groups for private tours and school field trips. Please contact us for scheduling and price. School teachers, learn More about the Objectives and Lessons Plans for our classroom tours 

How often do you offer tours?

We typically offer Underground Railroad Tours twice a year - once in June and once in October. Watch our Facebook page for tour announcements.

Admission Price:

Family Pod Up To 10 People


Open to the Public: 

Registration Only

Groups visits:

Call 776-1234


506 S. 4th St. Manhattan, KS 66502

 (785) 776-1234 

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