Unexpected Journeys: WWCM exhibit

The Wonder Workshop Children's Museum has served Manhattan and the surrounding communities since 1989. We offer school field trips, an after school program, summer camp, educational exhibits and events, and more. We operate with donations and grants, distributing scholarships to many of the families we serve.

An active need we see is to educate our children about natural disasters such as hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, and floods that affect our world daily and how to prepare for these disasters. It is critical for environments, such as Wonder Workshop Children’s Museum, to support this development so that children grow feeling competent and confident in exploring the world around them and solving problems that arise in life.

We would like your help to create an interactive exhibit for our community's children and families. With your support, we envision a new permanent exhibit, "Unexpected Journeys", that will have:      

  • Meteorologist's lab with weather maps and gauges and a PA system to warn fellow classmates of the coming storms. Estimated cost: $1,250       

  • Virtual reality experience allowing children to gain first-hand perspectives of natural through videos and other interactive games by providing a 360-degree immersive visual and auditory experience. Estimated cost: $6,500      

  • Team simulations to create and enact an emergency response plan to a hypothetical natural disaster situation. Estimated cost: $4,150       

  • Staffing to support the exhibit creation and maintenance. Estimated cost: $3,600


With your financial support, we hope to implement these components and others of the “Unexpected Journeys” exhibit to develop informed and active children, families, and community members. Wonder Workshop’s mission is to promote education in the arts, sciences, and humanities.


Our goal is to develop self-reliant children, families, and community members. Our hands-on activities and exhibits instill a desire for lifelong learning, recognizing our cultural diversity, and fostering creative potential. 

Download Full Exhibit Description and Itemized Wish List (pdf)


How do I donate?

We welcome online donations through our GoFundMe fundraiser page and our PayPal account (make sure to note that your donation is for this exhibit). Please contact us if you'd like to donate by check or cash. 

Can I donate in-kind items?

Yes! We welcome the support of in-kind items to support this exhibit. Please contact Richard Pitts, director of the Wonder Workshop, to discuss your in-kind donation.

I'd like to sponsor part of this exhibit.

We'd love to talk with you about sponsorship! Please contact Richard Pitts, director of the Wonder Workshop, to discuss your sponsorship.

Are you a certified non-profit?

Yes! The Wonder Workshop Children's Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible. 

When do you hope to create this exhibit?

We plan to start creating this exhibit as funds are raised. We are not waiting until we have funds for all the components of the exhibit. 

How much are you trying to raise for this exhibit?

We've estimated that the whole exhibit will likely cost around $15,500. However, we welcome your support in any way that you are able to give, whether that is simply your continued support and interest in the Wonder Workshop's mission or financially.

I'd like to volunteer my time to help with this exhibit. 

Fantastic! You join the ranks of K-State's College of Education, Department of Geography, and Department of Family Studies and Human Services by volunteering on this exhibit. Please contact Richard Pitts, director of the Wonder Workshop, to discuss volunteering.

Exhibit Donors

Thank you to all our donors, sponsors, and volunteers!

Phil Howe

Caroline Peine Foundation

Wayne and Deborah Goins

K-State Department of Family Studies and Human Services

Karen Seay

Jennifer Bergen

Tyler Lewison

Marisa Larson

Kristina Wyatt

Eric Eaglstun

Emily Brueseke

Charles Oviatt

Admission Price:

Family Pod Up To 10 People


Open to the Public: 

Registration Only

Groups visits:

Call 776-1234


506 S. 4th St. Manhattan, KS 66502

 (785) 776-1234 

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